Litter A

DoB. 25.03.2021 04:38am/11:18am & 26.03.2021 07:43pm

Queen: Int. Ch. Azreal Warushka Wielka – „Wari“
Breeder: Leanne Hewitt – ZA
Owner: Diana Mangel – AT

Stud: Eur. Gr. Int. Ch. Tyana Czar Luhezar – „Louie“
Breeder: Sally Briton – AU
Owner: Maartje Schoenmaker – NL

# 1 – boy (75g)
# 2 – boy (70g)
# 3 – boy (113g)

Both parents were tested negative for luxating patellas, HCM and PKD. 

Today our trio is already 7/8 days old. They are all healthy and have weathered the first week well. Wari is on the one hand a very caring mother, but on the other hand also very modern enjoying her freedom while boys are asleep. She uses her rare spare time with sunbathing at balcony or cuddling with human mum.

Concerning the look of Kittens #1 and #3 are very much like their daddy - big with plush dark coat. At moment #3 is beating all records in size and weight. #2 is more alike momma - neat build with nice silver shimmering coat. Regarding character, #2 is a fighter, he defends his teat relentlessly with great success, #1 is the inconspicuous one and #3 is our grouchy boy, very quickly pissed off everything and everybody. All in all a very diverse trio and I am super excited of how they will develop the next weeks.
Finally, I am again very grateful for the support of my mentor (also owner of the stud), Wari's breeder, my vet and my family. Without them this litter would not have been possible. 

After a choppy night Wari gave birth to her first kitten this morning (day 64) at 04:38am- -a boy 75g of weight and completely healthy. 6h later boy #2 was born. With 70g he is the lightweight in the group, but he drinks like a big one and is also fully healthy. Our surprise - boy #3 was born with 39h delay on 26.03.2021 at 07:47pm (day 65). With 113g he is the most solid and biggest of the trio. 
Although it can be long-lasting, witnessing a birth is always a new adventure and a great experience! The kittens and Wari are doing very well and are now recovering from the "stress and strain" of the birth.