Why Russian Blue Cats?

If people had asked me a few years ago having a cat I would have smiled and steadfastly said I am a “dog-person”.

Then I caught a glimpse on neighbour’s cat, a Russian Blue boy named “Plushkin”. His elegant and muscular body, the silver shimmering coat and these amazing emerald eyes, WOW!

It didn’t last a year and I got my first Russian Blue boy called Yuri. He is such a great cat, always following, every step I make will be strictly monitored he even goes like the dog for a walk with me. I’m not kidding he has his own chest harness and leash!

Soon my second cat Jascha vom Grauen Glück joined our family. Yuri was so thrilled as he got a brother to be and playmate. Jascha is the sunny boy in our team! He always “grins”,  is cheerfully, solves every puzzle feeder and is also very chatty. 

With Jascha I started to attend cat shows/exhibitions, which turned out to be very interesting and also a lot of fun. As a result we’re joining the competition of WCF Best CAT last year and surprisingly even won National Winner  of Austria 2018.

Pondering and gathering information I expanded my hobby and became a breeder. I bought my 3rd cat Wari from Cape Town South Africa. She will join us in August. A new adventure begins with my Russian Blue Trio.

I will keep you updated continuously about litter planning, visiting exhibitions and news concerning my cattery.