Litter D

DoB 04.04.2024 - 08:31am/08:45am/08:57am/09:36am/10:10am

JCh Aurora Blue Baroness Biskvitovna
Breeder: Diana Mangel - AT
Owner: Diana Mangel - AT

Stud: Rasputin *Degen von Zarenschmuck
Breeder: Sinaida Block - DE
Owner: Anna Peifle - DE

#1 - girl (110g)
#2 - girl (85g)
#3 - girl (95g)
#4 - boy (105g)
#5 - boy (115g)

The parents were tested for luxating patellas (both), HCM (queen) and PKD (queen).

„Ra-ra-Rasputin, lover of the Russian queen,
there was a cat that really was gone” (Boney M) 

This mating could not have been more aptly described. It was love at first sight and Baroness and Rasputin made the most of every minute. This "litter of love" was a lightning birth with 3 kittens within 30 minutes and the whole litter in just under 2 hours. Baroness has recovered well, enjoys her role as a first-time-mom and loves to cuddle with her kittens. 

Witnessing a birth is always a new adventure and a great experience!