"Corona"-litter (dob 10.06.2020)

Litter A (dob 25.03.2021 & 26.03.2021)

Litter B (dob 05.02.2022)

Litter C (dob 22.03.2023)

Litter D (dob 04.04.2024)

The most important criteria for breeding is the well-being of every single cat that leaves my cattery. Aurora blue is a small kept cattery with the aim to breed healthy and strong cats. As a result there is only one litter planned annually.

Quality has its price! Running a cattery is, as so often with hobbies, very expensive and time-consuming. For me it’s a calling that I pursue with great passion. My cats are treated like fully family members and they get the best possible care and preparation I can offer for their new life in your home. 

Generally my cats are checked regularly by VET according their genetic and physical condition.  In addition all cats including kittens are de-wormed regularly, and have been fully vaccinated against Pan-leucopenia, cat flu and rabies (if cat will be transferred abroad). Last but not least appropriate food and a lot of love are also very important for raising healthy and happy kittens.