Show dates and results


Pretty Cat Club Austria - International WCF Cat Expo at
Forchtenstein Castle - Burgenland, Austria

JASCHA - Jascha vom Grauen Glück

Saturday (30.04.2022)

1xP.H. > NOM > BIS > BOB I

First WCF Cat Expo in Austria for ages - of course we had to participate. As Wari was busy with her kittens, Jascha came along with me. And he was again a superstar. He became Best Neuter of the Show on Saturday! I am super proud of my showboy.


Panoráma Macska Egyesület Club (PMCE) - International WCF Cat Expo at DogFlow Arena in Budaörs, Hungary

WARI – Azreal Warushka Wielka
JASCHA – Jascha vom Grauen Glück
ARSENIJ - Aurora Blue Arsenij Luhezarovic

Saturday (25.09.2021)

WCF Adult Ring: 6th/34 

Wari got her 2nd CAGCIB point and also competed in the adult ring where she became incredible 6th place out of 34 cats. I am very proud of her!

1xCAPJ->NOM->Best in Show 6-10 months neuter
WCF Neuter Ring: 3rd/11

Arsenij had his show debut and was immediately successful. He participated at neuter ring and was placed 3rd out of 11 cats. As first two placed cats were Maine Coon he became best shorthair cat in the neuter ring. Moreover he got his first CAPJ point and was nominated for Best in Show 6 to 10 months which he won. Well done Arsenij!

Sunday (26.09.2021)


On Sunday Wari got her 3rd CAGCIB point and participated also in the adult ring. Unfortunately she did not make it to the Top 10 this time. She was nominated for Best in Show but lost this to a Bengal. Wari performed bravely and got praise from the steward for her cool and relaxed manner during judgement. Good Girl!

Judge’s Favorite

What an emotional finish of my showboy Jascha. We have visited more than 20 shows together and won a lot of prices. Jascha came with us to Budaörs to participate in a final show being judged by his favorite judge Jelena. He got the Prix d'Honneur point and was instantly declared judge's favorite. On top of that, he aptly won a cat sofa for his show retirement.


Cat Maniac Club - International Cat Expo of MMME Club in Hungary - Lurdy Haz Budapest

WARI - Azreal Warushka Wielka


It was a long but lovely day. Wari was a bit nervous today but still very brave. Today we had first time an Austrian judge, that was very exciting. Unfortunately, the judge was more impressed by the American type of Russian Blue. However, Wari got her first CAGCIP Point. It was a well-organized and beautifully prepared show. 


Haustier aktuell & Exotica - International FIFe-Expo of ÖVEK Club in Austria - Arena Nova Wr. Neustadt

WARI - Azreal Warushka Wielka

After 1.5 years of not showing due to Corona, we were happily visiting a cat show again. Wari competed in 10 months or older class, was very relaxed and interested and she did even cuddle with the judge. This really impressed me as Russian Blues tend to avoid contact with foreigners.

Mrs. Burani, the judge, was again thrilled by Wari's ear setting and gave her Ex 1 plus nominated her for Best in Show. Unfortunately Wari lost against a Sphynx cat.


European Continent Show from Panoráma Macska Egyesület Club in Szentendre, Hungary

WARI – Azrael Warushka Wielka

Back from 2 exciting days in Hungary. Wari got her points and became International Champion. Moreover she won Best Opposite Sex in the shorthair category on Saturday.

She also participated in WCF Adult Ring. Wari achieved 5th place (out of 23 cats) on Saturday and 4th place (out of 29 cats - only 1 more short-hair cat among the top 10) on Sunday.


ANIMAL 2019 – World Cat Show from Club Felidae e.V. in Stuttgart – Exhibition hall Stuttgart

WARI – Azreal Warushka Wielka
JASCHA – Jascha vom Grauen Glück
YURI – Aurora Blue Yuri 


Back from a well-organized World Show. Over 19 judges from 5 continents and more than 1000 cats were at the World Cat Show of Felidae e.V in Stuttgart. 

Wari gained her first title and became "Champion". She won 3 times Best Russian Blue Cat of the show (3x BIV) and made Best in Show (BIS) on the first day. Moreover we had the honor to meet a South African judge, who rated Wari already at a cat show in Cape Town.

My lovely Yuri beat his brother on Friday and won Best in Show Neuter (BIS).

 Jascha got another World Premier Point and became BIS on Saturday.


International FIFe-Show from ÖVEK in Austria – Exhibition hall Tulln

WARI – Azreal Warushka Wielka

Wari competed in Kitten Class 6-10 months with Ex 1. She beats a silver-blue Somali and a black Oriental Shorthair and was nominated for Best in Show. Unfortunately she lost against a Sphynx. However the judge was completely in love with her profile and “correctly set ears”.

Wari is an amazing show cat, very relaxed during judgement and also very calm to visitors. I am very proud!



PET EXPO – WCF-Show from Malta Feline Guardians Club in Malta – Montekristo Estates

JASCHA – Jascha vom Grauen Glück

Using vine vaults for a cat exhibition is indeed unique, even for experienced exhibitors like us!

Therefore I applied Jascha for European Continent Show in Malta! Jascha got his last World Premior Point (Champion for neutered cats) and finished show as Best in Show (BIS) and Best of Best I Neuter (BOB I) “Hurray”!

It was an amazing show, including also WCF-Alter rings (2/7 and 4/8). On Sunday Jascha got his first Prize of Honour-Point (PH) and was again nominated for BIS. It was a well-organized show with very friendly club members. Moreover Jascha got his first sea experience. 


International Cat Show with special show for Russian Blue and Nebelung Cats from Club Nederlandse Vereniging van Kattevrienden in Rotterdam – Sportcentrum Zevenkampse Ring

WARI – Azreal Warushka Wielka


It was a great exhibition. Wari got first show experience abroad. We met breeder friends (Jaschas breeder from Germany and Poland) and also got to know new Russian Blue and Nebelung breeders from Netherlands, France and Germany. Moreover they supported me by giving me useful information about genetics and breeding.

Wari competed in Kitten 6-10 months class: Ex 3 


WCF Cat Olimpia 2019 of PZF Club and Hungaro Cat Club in Arad, Romania.

JASCHA – Jascha vom Grauen Glück
YURI – Aurora Blue Yuri 

Back from exciting show weekend at WCF Cat Olimpia 2019 in Arad, Romania. Yuri got his 2 nd and 3 rd CAPIB-Points and became International Premior, moreover he was nominated for BIS. Jascha got his first two World Premior Points and won Best opposite Sex (BOS).

Besides that the WCF Best Cat Award was also distributed. Jascha won WCF Best Cat Austria 2018 (National Winner 2018)